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Hello! First i would like to introduce myself, My name is Ahmed Ibrahim and i am a pharmacist living in Egypt. Continuous education has always been my passion, one day i discovered that i have a gift.. i could teach! , my peers loved it when i explained topics to them in a simple way and that was a turning point for me.
I created "Science Bites" because giving back felt good; in my country we face a lot of economic hardships not to mention that good education is outrageously expensive.
Thankfully i got some neat education but then after i graduated i got squashed by life routines but i wanted to do something ! ; something i loved. So i started preparing biology topics in Arabic; cutting them into bits, simplifying them and making a video while i explain them.
So why in Arabic?
I found that there are plenty of awesome YouTube content creators making science easy and understandable.. but in English :/ , and as i mentioned getting a good quality education in my country is not that easy at all, so that's why not i kicked in trying to bring education to those who could not reach it in schools..for free!

But guess what, i do all that by myself, i learnt video editing and filming basics so that i could make something good, but all that takes a lot of time, preparing the topics then the script, then filming (each 3 minute video requires around 40 minutes of filming), then the montage that's another whole issue and then of course the editing and the final touches to the video. ALL that for just a single video and it gets really hard to maintain making and posting the videos while working another full time job that eats most of your day everyday! and leave you exhausted in the weekends.
when you join my community here on Patreon i will be able to be a full timer educational content creator, reaching more people and always have the chance to grow and develop without restrictions.
My goal for now is a 1000 dollars a month that would make a decent living in Egypt, if i reached more i would be able to hire professionals to help me improve my content.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read :)
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a 1000$ per month is a decent earning in Egypt considering the enormous inflation, this money will make me able to give Science Bites my full time with no restrictions.
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