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Moon - 384 400 km
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It's the closest celestial object to us!
Sun - 150 millions of km
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It's our star, it composes more than 99% of the total mass of the solar system!
Pluto - 4,6 billions of km
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On that day, it's the furthest object a manmade craft as ever flew by!




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About ScienceClic

My name is Alessandro Roussel, I'm French, I study Physics and Mathematics at the university, and I'm the creator of the YouTube channels ScienceClic.

Passionate about scientific popularization for a long time now, I produce educational videos to explain in a few minutes the big concepts of modern science. At hand, drawn animations to understand with pictures.

"Knowing" is good, "understanding" is better. The goal of popularization is not only to explain concepts, but also to give your audience an intuition about them. In most cases, a very simple animation is more worth it than a long speech.

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