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About Matthew Facciani

Thank you for visiting my Patreon!

I already write all sorts of articles on my blog According to Matthew where I cover topics about social justice to politics to science. I also created The According to Matthew podcast where I interviewed a variety of activists about their work. 

Now I am getting back into podcasting, but focusing on a new science podcast called Science Social Hour!

The goal of the Science Social Hour podcast is to bring the social side of science to you. I will interview a variety of scientists about their work, but also how they go into science. Finally, because I am a social scientist myself, the podcast has a bit of a double meaning because the host (me) has a social science background. 

Check out the first episode with Emily Calandrelli here! 

How do you know what you're talking about?

I write a lot about science, so you might be relieved to know that I actually am working on my PhD in social psychology and have been published in psychology, sociology, and neuroscience journals. I spent 4 years in a neuroscience PhD program, got an MA in sociology (social psych emphasis), and am now working on my dissertation in sociology. We all get annoyed by sloppy science journalism so my academic background helps me write about science accurately, while keeping it to the point. My scientific background will help me interview different scientists I bring on the show. 

I love doing academic research, but I also spend a lot of time doing activism work. Specifically, I've focused on gender equality and sexual violence prevention activism. I've also dabbled with local politics during my time as Co-Chair of the Secular Coalition of South Carolina. I feel like my scientist and activist lives give me a unique perspective in my writing that not many other people have. Visit my website to see more of the work I've been doing!

So why should I give you money?

Well, because you want to! Maybe you share some of the same interests as I do. Maybe you like my writing and want to help me create the podcast. Maybe you agree that it would be nice to see more people engage in dialogue with those who don't always agree with them.

As a grad student, I'm perpetually broke. I've already had a few close calls from random expenses and medical bills so even a few extra dollars would go a long way for my living expenses. And if I'm less stressed out about paying my bills, I can write more and create more podcasts! I'm hoping to just get enough to cover my online hosting fees, but if I get more money, I can do more stuff!

Finally, as my Patreon, you will have special access to my work through the Patreon's only feed and I can take your suggestions on what I should write or talk about next!
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