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About ScorchedPoet

Hello everyone!
My name is Victor, and i am from the UK.

I work most of the time in the fast food industry, as a Customer Care assistant nonetheless. But with all my spare time i devote myself to improving my art and to being able to share with others just what my efforts have created, I'm a huge fan of many species and styles. I'm very partial to MLP, and all its alternate species. Alongside Pokémon and Dungeons And Dragons and so on, whilst i used to be able to use time to do requests with the tighter hours and general struggle to afford the things i need to continue practicing art.

So this is why i am here, whilst I've opened commissions it has become rather clear that people can not at this time come forward. And whilst they will remain open even just a little bit extra a month could really help me both survive and thrive even as things get more difficult around here. Ideally when you pledge i will be able to thank you personally, when i have my first ten pledges I'll be raffling at least three people to receive a free sketch of a character of their choice!

As i go on I'll be making bigger and more exciting prizes and rewards, as it is when I've made my minimum goal I'll finally be able to re-open requests at 10 slots a time. With pledge's of course having the chance to get first dibs!

So please, Share and if you can support me I'd be so very grateful! <3

I don't expect money for nothing, so i'll be updating this with numerous pledge based additions every month. Be it Requests or Commissions i've done. Or anything that enough people have asked for me to draw!

You may know me from my main location.
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