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About Scott Armor

morning, afternoon or evening. Wherever you may be. I shall be your host and give you a tour of ideas of what I want to do with this page.

Lets start with ideas, many people in the world we all live in have many ideas, some are bad and make no sense or are just dirty thinking and complete garbage while other ideas help others get people off their feet, maybe even a home clothing or what they might need for survival in thinking and others in action.  Both are brilliant ideas and we all need to have more instead of people just murdering people around the world why not helping people instead just be the pattern? Which brings me to a common problem that doesn’t get resolved. What we all need more is love not drugs. No offence but love doesn’t come from  musicans or celebs  , it comes from God who teaches love is above all else even hope and faith. Those who come to this channel and watch my videos I will be posting in certain areas of excess because the world is a dangerous place and it’s becoming even harder for certain community’s . I will have videos talking about subjects as Hollywood leading horror movies to even dramas to comedy’s and I will be giving revues on this but from a Godly point of view. Examples, Jaws, Exorcist, Ammvtyiille Horror,  Texas Chainsaw Masacre,  Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, some cult movie called Mad Man, The Green Room, and many others.
Subjects will be talked about here and their and also in these films and even dramas and comedy’s and then I’m going to show how society uses these instruments as a portal. Examples, Ouijas, Charlie Charlie, Fortune Tellers, Mediums, Wizards, Witches, Secret Society’s , the Shadow Goverment related to the shadow people, UFOs , the first kind, the second kind, the third kind, and the fourth kind explained. Sleep Paralysis explained. Documentary on Familiar spirits seducing spirits and unclean spirits. Private groups so others can share on these subjects. Real spiritual warfare used in real discernment. 

check out my intro video on teaching c major scale.
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I wanted to get over 1,000 Facebook followers and I accomplished this less then a week. I think 100 patrons is good for one week. I have over a total of 31 videos on line for YouTube and I have some over at Facebook which are my appreciation and more about me and the Ministry God has put me in to reach more souls, with also music and teach me how to play piano type videos as well as spiritual warfare videos and bible study   Videos narrated by me. God Bless those who want to Be Blessed, even if your not a patreon can you at least check out my Channel it helps a lot Thank you have a great day or night.?
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