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About Scott Falco

This is my patreon page, basically this exists to help my channel become more of an animation focused thing. Ideally if I had the choice I'd love to alternate between doing a gameplay focused video, such as the side of salt series, and then do a standalone animation such as "A totally legit world of light cutscene" or even "Sig and Tessa"

However as I experiment more with my channel and create new types of content I earn less and less. Youtube is getting rougher and rougher to make a living off of, but I love creating too much. With any and all patreon help it'll make it that much easier to grow my channel, make new videos, and animate a lot more!

Patreons will gain access to my discord where I often post and chat with members, gain access to flash files I've used in recent videos, or even get their own CyborgChan flash file to make animations of their own with her!

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46% complete
I'll be able to focus much more on animations, almost guaranteeing one a month (once every 2 months for longer animations)
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