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Town of beginnings
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Everyone starts somewhere. If you’re up for an adventure, why not start at the beginning!
Level 10 Adventurer
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Congratulations! You’ve completed a few missions and won enough battles to achieve level 10! As a reward you will receive a 2x2 sketch of your favorite anime/video game/cartoon character!(redeemable once)
Level 25 Dungeon Crawler
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Now that you’ve reached level 25 you’re not afraid to wander alone. Your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, and you’ve acquired some pretty rare loot! 

Random drops now occur! Once a month you will receive a random 2x2 doodle. As well as the chance to receive a legendary8x10 doodle!



About Screwhon Doodles

Greetings Travelers!

My name is Steven aka Screwhon. I hope you find my art to be aesthetically pleasing! If you’ve found your way to my Patreon page I’m only assuming you’re somewhat interested in what I do.

I am an artist that focuses more towards drawing anime and video game related pieces. However I have been known to dabble in other areas. I mainly use physical mediums but I’m trying to get my foot in the door with digital as well. 

As a subscriber you will be directly helping me fund my future projects. Also, there will be bonus perks, rewards, and raffles for prints and even originals! So who’s ready to accompany me on my journey?!
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I Need a new camera to start my YouTube channel. I’d like to show everyone my drawing process step by step! It will help me connect with my followers better. 
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