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About Ed Hernandez

I grew up watching movies and TV shows like everybody else and enjoyed; however, what I enjoyed more was humming to the themes and soundtracks, playing them over and over in my head. This is the type of music that I want to concentrate on: movie soundtrack or movie score. My patrons will get the first taste of new content. I like writing music mainly to be used for web stream, TV, or movie content; however, there are those that like to tune just to hear my songs like here at Songtradr.com.

Orchestrating classical music is a challenge on its own, not to mention capturing those sounds and mixing them to some kind of recording format. It's a science! Now imagine trying to compose said music using digital or synthesized instruments libraries using nothing but a keyboard, a mouse and a home computer. Also a science! However, with professional recording equipment in a large space, you can increase the quality of capturing, laying down tracks, and bouncing them—or mixing down to a master—to a usable arrangement, by many folds. Yes, I think I'm doing a pretty good job as is; however, I have to compete.

I do all the composing, playing, and arranging myself. I mix them down to MP3s or WAVs and every create music videos for them myself. Not to mention, making all the artwork and graphic designs for the LPs and EPs myself. As a matter of fact, that's what I do professionally; I'm a graphic designer. All the artwork you see for my music, except where noted, I created. In the future, I will be handing out limited editions prints of my artwork. If you would like to see samples of what I do as a graphic artist, click here->: Scriptron.com. I have my music strewn about the Internet and I get a good amount of traffic like at Songtradr.com where I received over 50,000 plays and views. However, it's still not enough. They're not brining in the desired funds I need to compete on a professional level.

I'm not in my nature to ask for anything from anyone so this is kind of tough for me but I believe in what I'm doing, I think I'm good enough and there are fans out there who'll agree with me. You're patronage will go a long way.

Thank you for just listening.


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The goal is to upgrade my studio recording equipment to contend in the professional music world. Right now, I do all my music on an Apple iMac.
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