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The satisfaction of knowing that you gave me the means of getting a single hot pocket at the dollar store (I love hot pockets, so, thank you!) 

  • You can see comics one week early!
  • You get the "Patron" role on Discord!
  • Your name will be at the end of any Youtube vids I make!
  • Your Background eevee(s) (If you have one, lol) will appear in SSEC more, no matter how long you are a Patron! (Of course, you'll have to tell me who they are before I can do this, lol)
Includes Discord benefits
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5 dollars??? 5 DOLLARS!!??? YES! Thank you!!!! Now I can go to 5 Below! I LOVE 5 Below! 

  • You get access to all previous rewards!
  • You get access to all of the activity feed. This means you get sneak peaks of upcoming comic pages, previews of comics to come, and lots of random sketches I make! :D
  • One time single character icon commission
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Wow! 20 dollars! You know what I can do with 20 dollars a month?! I can sign up for Adobe CC student edition! That means I'll have more tools for drawing and editing videos and comics!

  • You get access to all previous rewards
  • Every 4 months, you get a icon commission
  • Your name on my Youtube videos will have a star next to them!
  • Physical goodies! When I can set them up
  • You get a flat commission in ssec style
  • Commission Rules

       -Single full body character

       -Two characters if waist up

       -No comics, NSFW, mechas

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My name is Tina, and, I am the author of 2 webcomics:
Stupid Short Eevee Comic and Eevee Academy. Stupid Short Eevee Comic first started in 2012, and weekly updates to the series have been ongoing since early 2014. And, Eevee Academy started in 2015, and will have monthly or weekly updates if we reach our goals.

I have been drawing and writing stories for as long as I can remember, and I absolutely love making people happy with them! But, drawing them takes a lot of work and commitment, and, a lot of people want me to make more content than I am currently making. Supporting me means that you, and everyone else can get more content much more frequently, and, you help me pay for new digital art supplies and some of my college expenses. It also means that I will try harder to make my comics the best they can be! So, if you do choose to support me, thank you!
$303 of $500 per month
Stupid Short Eevee Comic will now update twice a week! (If I am not currently in school) Also, With this money, I'll try to pay people to help me with my different projects! Including the SSEC dub.
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