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About Scythe Dev Team

We are the Scythe Dev Team, and we develop games, music, and other immersive media set within the Scythe Saga Universe.

Each release is a canonical puzzle piece that further fleshes out the lore of the Scythe Saga universe. Immerse yourself in one of our survival horror games like Northbury Grove or King's Comfort, jumping in the shoes of a hapless teenager running from a cold blooded killer. Or be the bad guy and play as the leader of a cult defending your compound and followers from the local law enforcement in Cultists & Compounds. You can can even throw some headphones and kick back to one of our synthwave compilations or prog rock albums and lose yourself in the music of Scythe Saga Records.

With every game and concept album, with every lore video and compilation, you get a little more story. Scythe Saga Records and Scythe Dev Team are a collective of musicians, modelers, programmers, and writers who are determined to develop immersive content. We make things we're passionate about, inspired by all the great movies, TV, video games, music, and comics we grew up with.

We've released two survival horror games thus far, Northbury Grove and it's sequel Northbury Grove: King's Comfort. Most recently we've released our third and fourth games, an unorthodox shooter called Cultists & Compounds, and a comedic beat 'em up called Senile Showdown. Our next project, Walls Closing In, is deep in development and we have tons more story to tell after that. Scythe Saga Records has an extensive discography with hours of great music from artists and musicians from all over the world.

Stay tuned! And feel free to reach out to us on the official Scythe Saga Discord server!

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If we reach 500 patrons we will be able to look into controller support, hosting space, and most importantly, multi-platform support! A lot of people keep asking for our games on Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles. We would love to do this! But we need to purchase devkits, and sink a lot of time into testing everything on each separate console.

And most importantly, we can release MORE games! We'd love to release monthly content. The very nature of the Scythe Saga brand is interconnected narratives; a tapestry of episodic content that will slowly, over time, build and ramp up into insane, world shaking reveals. We have 10+ well fleshed out game ideas ready to be produced, and dozens and dozens more of stories ready to go. Unfortunately, our budget and time limitations make reaching all of these ideas impossible. With a bigger budget we could certainly release much more content.

  • Hosting Space
  • Controller Support
  • Multi-platform Support
  • More content!
  • Expand the team
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