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It is with great pleasure that we announce the impending creation of TRP 3.0, complete with a brand new website! While we would normally try and refrain from asking for money, we are forced to have to host this new site ourselves, and as such, we have little choice in the matter. However, this does not mean that you have to pay much at all! $1/month from each of you is all we ask for, and if you can contribute more, wonderful. (And if you can't contribute, no problem whatsoever.)

Hosting fees: $41.88 for first year, $95.88 for every year afterwards; an upgrade to a larger hosting plan, should web traffic increase that substantially, would require $131.88 per year. If 4 people, 8 people, and 11 people respectively paid $1/month to help with these costs, we'd be good to go. (There will be rewards coming for your contributions, they just need to be hashed out a bit.)

We will work to make this new place the best it can possibly be, and if you're able to financially contribute to help us out a bit, that would be fantastic. We hope to see you on the new site very soon!
$0 of $42 per month
The first year's server costs are paid up front; if we can raise $42 in the next month, we will have enough to pay for the entire thing and perhaps get the new site up by September 1st or even earlier. Once the site is up, this goal will be lowered to $7.99/month.
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