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Thank you for supporting me as an artist! Every dollar helps me become a more successful artist!

Beginner's Guide to Being an Artist
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In this tier, I will post articles discussing numerous topics that will help artists beginning their career or for those who are wanting to turn their hobby into a profession!  I will have five articles posted immediately on the following topics: Artist statements, Artist Resumes, Websites, Social Media for Artists and the Importance of Online Marketplaces.

Then, each month I will find new topics to discuss or update past topics.

Reviews of Art Marketplaces (and Tips!)
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In this tier, I will give you reviews and suggestions of all the online marketplaces I have used and my experience of their positives or negatives in their platform.  With experience in over 15 different marketplaces with great success and failure, this tier will help you decide which marketplace you want to join.  Every time you join a marketplace, it can be tens to hundreds of hours of inputting data and uploading artwork, so this will expedite the process for you!

In this tier, I will also write articles on keywords and artist movements so that your artwork will have the best placement possible!




Hello artists, gallerists, directors and art lovers!

I began this patreon as a way to add additional income for my creation, but to be honest, I don't need help when it comes to sales.  Each year I sell at least 100 paintings across the globe, last year I landed 159 paintings sold.  The year before that was 104.  Currently, I have 524 paintings sold in 9 countries around the world and in collections in nearly 30% of the states throughout the USA.  I did not achieve this through luck.  I achieved this through strategy and determination to decipher the crazy tendencies and ethics that are required to obtain results in the art world that most are destined to not realize early enough in their careers.  It is not due to lack of skill or knowledge capacity, it is purely due to lack of a lot of major information not being fed to you early on and then following a curated strategy of action to get your artwork into the eyes of as many people as you possibly can, while being incredibly efficient at every dollar you spend and every opportunity you take advantage of, as your time is your greatest resource, but knowing what you need to do to stay in the black and evolving as needed is also vitally information.

On this Patreon, I will be writing articles about methods of success that have worked for me, critiques of different art platforms, ways to professionally present your work to galleries and any other tips and tricks I can provide you with.  Each tier is specialized for your level of interaction you would like to have with me.  I am here to provide you with knowledge now, in the hopes that it will push you in the proper direction so that you, too, can create your own success, rather than hoping it will automatically come to you.
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At this goal, I will hold a monthly drawing for my patrons to get a free painting!  The painting will be a 18"x24" original artwork and shipping will be included to any destination in the world.
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