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About Varaidzo

Hiya, I'm Varaidzo, and I currently produce and edit Search History. It's a podcast about the internet, kind of, and race, kind of, and everything weird, woeful and wonderful inbetween. It's a very DIY project - currently, I make it on a bean bag on my living room floor - and hopefully you'll consider becoming a patron so I can elevate the production (perhaps even move up to the sofa!). 

I'm a writer, I've written for places like The Guardian, New Statesman, Complex, and I was a contributor to the award-winning essay collection The Good Immigrant. Search History began when I was going through a really difficult time with my mental health, and I couldn't work or write. The podcast began as an excuse to get out of bed, speak to people, and tell stories again without the pressure of having to write. Since then, it's grown into a really interesting platform of enquiry that I'm immensely proud of and want to continue.

Unfortunately, I'm currently funding its production entirely out of my own pocket, and my pockets are almost empty. With your help, I can buy more equipment to improve the quality of each episode, and will be able to raise my production budget in order to bring you more exciting stories. Without funding, I won't be able to keep making more episodes of Search History. I gotta eat and pay rent and have a whole wage gap to reckon with. So, if you like what you hear, please consider supporting this independent production by becoming a patron. 
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