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Second Wind here!

I'm an aspiring writer, video editor from Thailand whose interests came about from growing up on games, cartoons, as well as being fans of stuff like Star Wars, History, and so on.

 But I also immensely love history and cultural significance of media and such.

I'd like to put out video essays on a variety of topics ranging from general critique to themes to design to the cultural significance behind popular (and unpopular) games, films, and cartoons.

I don't want to commit or overspecialize in one field like only games or only Star Wars as there's many things on my mind that I'd like to share a perspective on. Something something variety and spice of life.

With your help and support,  I can continue and improve these videos, hopefully not just quality but output as well.

In return, you’ll get early access to the videos and I will get your name in the credits and even read aloud as a genuine thank you for your help and support in making these videos.
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