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Initiates pay a minimal charge to help me top off the budgets of the later tiers. Will be thanked in the description of all my videos.

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Aspirants help to pay for basic expenses like my own monthly subscriptions to editing software and such to help my channel. Gains the Discord Role of Aspirant, and will be thanked in all my videos.
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Knights help me pay for new games to play on my channel. Gains the Discord Role of Knight, will be mentioned in each of my videos, and can ask for any video on a monthly basis to be made specifically for them.
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About Xenophon

Hello, and welcome to my page. I am Xenophon, and I have always had a deep love of storytelling in games. I make gaming videos, and hope to be continuously improving in my ability to capture that amazing feeling when a great story is told. With the help of you guys, I can afford to make higher quality videos, and achieve what before seemed like a far off dream. Thank you so much, and I hope my content brings as much joy to you, the viewer, as it does to me.
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When I reach $25 a month, I will commit myself to paying for higher quality editing software, and the classes to learn to use said software.
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