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Seeking Balance is a podcast for mom entrepreneurs with Kim Inge and Ashley Benz. We are dedicated to helping moms and business owners trying to find balance between raising a business and their babies. So we share our stories, advice and interviews on how to “attempt” to find balance.

Kim Inge is a mom of three. She co-owns Milk & Baby, an online clothing boutique for expecting and breastfeeding moms. She loves La Croix, puggles & adventures. She can be found on Facebook (@kiminge) and Instagram (/kim_inge).

Ashley Benz is a mom of four. She is an IBCLC, DONA certified Birth Doula, and owns Ashley Benz Lactation Consultant. She can be found on Facebook (@MAshleyBenz) and Instagram (/ashleybenzibclc).

Kim and Ashley are full-time working moms. That means that this podcast grew out of a love of all of their jobs. We know that being a working mom requires support. Our guests help give creative ideas and camaraderie for moms who are juggling, just like you.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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