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About SelfPity Entertainment

We are SelfPity Entertainment, and this is our Patreon page.

We have been posting animation on since 2003 until we discovered in 2006. All we want is to entertain people and we have been at it for 14 years, honing our craft and trying to provide quality entertainment to the best of our abilities. We make animation, music, skits, short stories, short films, art, music videos and general silly things. On Newgrounds we have 415 animations, and 154 videos on Youtube.  

Currently we don’t have any higher tiers other than basic, but we can change that in the future, with suggestions by you. So please, consider supporting the work we do and have been doing for 14 years. If not, then thank you for hearing us out and thank you very much for watching!
-SelfPity Entertainment

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