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About Sera Swati

Hi everyone! I'm Sera Swati, creator of Swaha and Essential Chemistry

You do not have to be a patron to enjoy my content. All the Finished art will be provided for free here on Patreon or in the case of my free comics, on Tapas, in perpetuity. 

If you would like to support me for a dollar a month or more I've got extra goodies for you as Early access:
  • All WIPS of my art and comics while I'm creating them, and getting to read finished episodes potentially before I upload them to Tapas.
  • Process videos of How It's Made before it's published
  • PSD files of select Comic episodes
  • And potential direct access to me through Discord! What's more, through discord, you can let me know the sorts of rewards you'd like to see so I can make community goals that all patrons will enjoy!

While the goal is to keep my Comics (except for those that are Premium on and Process Videos free, it takes time and resources to create this content at the level of quality I'd like it to be. Every bit of support puts me one step closer to full-time Webcomic creation and one step away from Freelance commissions. 

Thank You So Much.
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Once our community has Ten Patrons, I'll add a Reward to the $1 tier: I'll offer drawing redlining to anyone who would like my help and critique for anatomy or composition.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to