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About Seraph Nine

Hello there, I'm a Virtual Youtuber (or vTuber) named Seraph Nine. I'm journeying around the web of worlds, just trying to find out what's going on with me, the world, and bringing you along the ride. First order of business is finding my shirt. Otherwise I'm just here to journey along with you and uncover the mysteries of my abilities and the oddities I come across.

Out of character though:
My content is a mixture of standard video content (focusing on "nerdy" things i.e. video games, anime, etc.) with an overarching story that you can optionally pay attention to. Financially any help you provide here (or other places such as paypal, Brave Rewards, etc.) certainly makes it easier to bring you more videos and do important stuff like buying food and paying for bills and all that. I'd greatly appreciate it and the more I am able to be supported on here and on YouTube the more content I can bring you with the goal of being able to transition to this being my full time focus. Many thanks for any and all help you provide, whether it's monetary or it's just watching my content.