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About Serenity Scratch

Hello, my name is Serenity, welcome to my Patreon page! Read below all about my Patreon, what I make and what you get when you choose to support me and my works! I hope you enjoy your stay =>
LIMITED TIME: My first 10 Patreons will receive an exclusive signed print from me!

About me
I have been drawing ever since I was a little girl, and haven't stopped since. I was always fascinated by the world around me and seeing the good in everything. My art is very personal to me and you'll see many of my big pieces will have some profound meaning to them.
I have been accepted into College for Creative Studies with a 40k scholarship, but currently I am unable to attend the school because of financial issues, I will be attending community college in the meanwhile studying illustration, graphic design and minoring in computer science.
I have also had the amazing opportunity to partake in a major gallery event this December, which might mean you'll see a lot of traditional artwork from me (acrylic paintings, professional artworks, sketchbook pages). These are the professional portion of my work that I take very seriously, and it would be wonderful to know what you think of them at the same time seeing my cartoony pony drawings and fanarts.

Why Support Me?
I will be offering exclusive prizes depending on what tier you decide to choose! All patreons will have access to work in progress pictures and full .png downloads of my artwork! Higher tier participants will have the opportunity to snoop through my .psd files, access to exclusive tutorials, and even have a chance to be my product reviewers anytime I come out with new buttons, keychains or prints! There will also be a monthly raffle for all patreons to win a sketch of their character choice. Join my o my creative, artistic adventure and get to know me and my work as I improve. I appreciate all your support and I want to give as much back as possible to make all my patreons happy!

$18 of $100 per month
Once I earn 100 per month I will be able to release more tutorials, make more giveaways and be able to make videos more frequently. I will be able to get more equipment to make livestream experiences more interesting, finish drawings quicker, more art giveaways, and be able to open crafts as an option for a patron award (ex. polymer clay creations) and send digital prints to my $5+ patreons every month!
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