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Even the smallest things eventually become extraordinary. You will receive my thanks and I will make sure to do my best to make my content great for you all.




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About SerenityWind

Greetings, everyone. I am SerenityWind and I've been on YouTube for nearly 9 years. I haven't made much of a following, but for the people that have followed me, it's because of you that I continue to make videos. My channel focuses on gameplay, but mostly fighting games. I don't consider myself as an expert, but I do what I can. I would love to make combo videos to help out anyone who wants to learn a certain character, but my resources are a bit limited, especially using a laptop. I also want to be even more creative, especially if I were to expand upon full-length playthroughs. I want my content to be enjoyable, as well as appealing for viewers. Even if you don't pledge, the fact that you're looking at this page is more than enough. I have this fir belief that every channel on YouTube is a hidden gem beneath the surface; it is up to the creator to make sure it shines through.

If I can get enough supporters, I'll be able to expand myself and show videos of other genres. Playing fighting games is nice, but I'm sure everyone has different tastes and being a one-trick pony might not be good for the long run. All donations obtained will go forward to getting better equipment.

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