Sergio C.

is creating Code/Zero (hack and slash game)

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My name is Sergio, im a Game developer currently working on the project "Code/Zero", I hope you like it  ^-^!  

"Code/Zero" is created from the vision of a 3D Hack and Slash inspired by robots from the 16-bits era. Most of my inspirations comes from games like Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear,  Megaman, also animes like Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop.
I have made a prototype to show the basis of the game and as a prove that Its possible to be made.
Here you can test the first technical Demo:  Reploid Zero

My Other games: 
Dead Mist

Thanks for your support!.

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Thank you so much!
This Goal helps me with the basic life expenses and will lift a lot of stress about basic income like food and rent.
I will be able to spent my energy in the creative process
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