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When the game and the figures are done, I will be doing a disccount on your rewards for every dollar you have pledged here. One only dollar is what I need from you, but you can pledge more if you like it.
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So, you can easily help me reach my dreams
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You get 1 PSD file with;

1 Sketch Character ( the one you choose )
+ All the layers and undersketches
+ Anatomy
+ Costume tests

And my gratitude by helping me make my dream come true

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You get 1 PSD file with;

1 Color and Final Art Character ( the one you choose )
+ All the layers
+ Flatt Base Colors
+ Color tests and combinations
+ Shadow layers
+ Effects

And my gratitude by helping me make my dream come true




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About Sergi Brosa

Hello everybody, I'm Sergi Brosa, a concept artist from Barcelona :D

Well, I've been some time working in the videogames industry, and now I'm working on AAA games as a character artist. I'm very happy and excited about it.

But, as you may know, everyone needs a side project to keep the mind sane and the creativity flowing well. My side project is called FURY BEATS.

FURY BEATS has different areas, and it is also a studio I created with my matte Jean Paul Egred

As you can see, the logo is still not finished! Working on it!

PART 1 - FURY BEATS videogame.

The game is about an underground league of crazy races. Each character takes part in this racing game, and they are competing to win, or to make as much damage as possible to other players. Mario Kart structure in my crazy postapocaliptic world. Sunds fun, right?

Crazy races to death, amazing multiplayer gameplay and stunning mad weapons

At this point, I have been able to create some characters for the project, as the animals tribe ( Lily And Daisy Slash, Igor and some others ) and I am creating vehicles for them. I have also hired an amazing background artist, Tyler Edlin, who is gonna be helping me to create some environments.

We are in touch with some companies, so we are trying to get ready a videogame pitch and a playable demo to show them. Let's cross fingers.

The main thing I am trying to develop, with the help or PATREON and GUMROAD, are the different gangs of characters and their vehicles. I am using the money to hire third parties, as Tyler Edlin and some other people who are going to be helping in the develope of the game. Jean Paul and I have a lot of ideas for new gangs of characters, so, hopefuly, we will be able to develop all them. I am just so excited.

PART 2 - FURY BEATS - 20 cms tall vinyl figures

Since I was a kid, I loved vinyl collectible figures of my favourite tv animes. So, now I have the opportunity to make some of my favourite designs into vinyl collectible figures. I have been working on it for some time, doing the contacts, and trying to understand how to make it.

Now, we are in touch with a company from Singapore, MightyJaxx, who are starting to make the molds for SOPHIE.

* 3D sculpted by Luis Gomez Guzman in Zbrush
Facebook / Luis Gomez-Guzman

This is what I am trying to develop. At this moment, 3D Sculpts have been done. We started by that little Robo Kid and the Blonde girl from my piece "The Retro of Tomorrow". Then, we let those in stand by to go for Sophie, The Roller Skating gal.

* 3D sculpted by Michel Quach &  Luis Gomez Guzman
facebook / Luis Gomez-Guzman
facebook / Michel Quach

So, just to make sure this is easy to understand. I am not creating Vynil Toys or a videogame in this PATREON. This Patreon is made to be able to share the art for this hole project.

Then, I would like to ask you, Patreons, to don't upload the stuff you get for free on internet, please. This should be just for your personal use, and not for publications or to take benefit with my art.
Thanks a lot

What do you get if you subscrive to my PATREON????


How to pledge and how it works







PATREON; How does it works?

It is something like a monthly subscription. If you don't want to subscrive, I recommend you to go to my GUMROAD Sergi Brosa GUMROAD

Why subscrive to my PATREON?

If you like the project, and you would like to help me create it, this is the best way. As long as I know I can get monthly money to pay my bills and keep working, I'm going to be developing amazing stuff, and you will be able to play the game or to get a vinyl figure of my art :)

Pledges; How often I am charged?

You're going to be charged ONCE a month, day 1 of each month. So, once a month, I will be sending you the character you pledged for.

When is my reward coming?

Between 1 and 5 of each month. For example, today is January 6, so, the next reward is given on February 1-5

How do I ask for my REWARD?

I will send you a private message to you with instructions every month. make sure to check your message inbox

Can I stop Pledging monthly?

NO!. I'm just kidding. Ofcourse you can stop pledging. The month you don't pledge, a reward you won't be getting that month.

Will all the characters updated to your patreon be abailable every month?


So, THANKS for everything, I hope this hole project works.

Have Fun!

$694 of $6,000 per Reward

One of my childhood dreams where to do Vinyl collectible figures with my art. Now I have the chance of doing it, but I need an initial inversion before I create the Kickstarter Campaign i need to make it happen.

I plan to develop collectible figures inspired on my art, and also featuring the art of other talented colleagues. With this goal met, we can start off with the first vinyl figure, produce it, and hopefully keep wprking on characters, vehicles and environments for this crazy story.

By the way, this is my life project now, it is like my baby. Nothing would made me more happy than beeing able to keep working on it, and, hopefully, get a way to make it becomes real.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts