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What is Serious Science?
We are an independent non-profit project whose main mission is to spread knowledge and share the greatest advances of science. We believe that science is the best way to understand the world and desire to find out how the phenomena occurring around us work. To that end, we produce short 10-15 minute videos that explain various scientific phenomena. We only use the most reliable source of information — actual scientists and researchers from the world’s leading labs and research universities. We let scientists speak for themselves and deliver their cutting-edge findings directly to the audience.

We have already published 450+ videos with world's leading experts in Biology, Neuroscience, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Linguistics and other fields. Among our authors are famous reseachers such as Noam Chomsky and seven Nobel Prize laureates such as Harold Kroto, Richard Henderson, Eric Maskin and others. And we're going on.

We make our videos free for people and we will continue to do so till the end of our days. But to make the videos on a regular basis we need your support. That's what we have to pay for:
– Producers. These guys generate the topics and communicate with experts all over the globe.
– Filming crew. To film and edit the videos with our outstanding authors.
– Travel visas and flights. Science is global. We are global as well. We find experts all over the globe and film then in their places.

We really keep our costs low and we will continue to do so. But with your help we can do more, tell more, share more. Join our community and may our journey begin!

Here is an example of what we do:

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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