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Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon page! My name is Naomi Craig, but you'll typically find me under the handle Sly Eagle or just Sly online.

If you're here, it's probably because you love and miss my comic The Prime of Ambition. That comic ran from 2006 into 2008, and during those years I was working on it full-time. This thing happened (coughcoughBABYcough) in 2008, however, and due to family and health issues I have not been able to update the comic since.

I have never given up on the dream of bringing this comic back. I want it badly, even though the amount of work sometimes seems insurmountable. For years, efforts to resuscitate this project has been me squeezing as much work as I can into dark, lonely hours.
But now you can help me!

Major Changes

A lot has happened in six years. For one, you may have noticed that the title of the comic is now The Serpent's Wings, with The Prime of Ambition being downgraded to the Book 1: subtitle. I'll spare you the grizzly details, but here are the important points:

  • The Prime of Ambition is now a solo project.
  • After years of struggle, I have been diagnosed with a physical ailment and am currently being treated.
  • My children are now in preschool full-time, leaving me with actual art time!
In other words, the iron is hot and it is time to strike! My aim is to have the first three chapters of the comic completely finished before I commit to an update schedule and relaunch the comic online.

How Does This Work?

I have always been committed to making this comic, and I will continue to do so come hell and high water (which I really shouldn't tempt because high water is now a thing here in Vermont). But thanks to Patreon, you, dear reader, have a chance to make this easier for me! You can pledge as little as $1 per relaunch task (or also as much as you want), and every time I complete a task, Patreon charges you $1 on my behalf. You immediately get to see the thing that I have completed, even though that thing will be available no where else on the internets. This does not mean the comic will have a paywall now. The old pages will continue to be hosted for free on comicgenesis and the new ones will be available on the new site for free once it goes live. But by becoming a patron, it means you no longer have to wait for perfectionist me to be ready to show it to see it. Chances are I will be completing a task every other month or so, but if you're worried about breaking the bank, you can set a monthly limit in case I end up completing five in a month or something (which would be so awesome I don't even). $1 may not seem like a lot, but if 20 of you each pledge $1, it means I don't have to chase after every scrap of commission work that comes my way and focus on the comic more! And more time to focus on the comic means more comic to be had!

What Is A Task, Anyway?

So glad you asked (because I totally didn't ask for you)! What I'm calling a "relaunch task" is any one of the million little things between me and the comic relaunch. The following things are the things you would be paying me money to finish and then you would see in your special Patron-only section:
  • Pages. The most obvious barrier between me and updating a comic again is having pages to update the comic with. This will be the most common (and hopefully frequent) task.
  • Chapter Roughs. A whole scene (or several small scenes) of script in thumbnail form. It is my dream!
  • Sets. Because I'm very bad at drawing buildings, I build my sets in Google Sketch-up. Only a fairly elaborate set will count, but I do have a few of those left to go.
  • Character Designs. My major characters are all designed, but I have some minor characters I need to design. Only talking speaking roles, here.
  • Webpage Templates. I'm designing the new website, but thankfully, I will not be coding it. I just need to get the images done and pass it on to my code-wiz brothers.
  • New Fonts. For those of you who don't recall the Ambition-verse, I had constructed a few languages for it. These languages have their own alphabets and therefore need their own fonts, as well as Romanized fonts for when the characters are speaking in that language and the POV character understands it. I'm also working on a new title font.

Thank You.

For taking the time to read that and consider supporting my efforts to make my dream come true. If you do choose to become my patron, you will get instant access to the new prologue in whatever state it's in (currently partially drawn and in tone roughs). If you still want to help but can't make a financial commitment (and even if you do and can!), please spread the word about the Patreon campaign. No matter what, I hope you'll at least enjoy my comic, whenever it's ready and whenever you see it!
$54 of $60 per relaunch task
I can now afford to turn down $60 commissions in favor of doing comic work, and heck, maybe start replacing all these threadbare clothes. Awesome!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
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