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Reliquia is a Nitrado rented Ark server cluster for Xbox and Cross-Play Win10, focused on providing concessions to fans of Ark who do not have the time to participate in an Offical Server. This cluster is aimed at people with busy work schedules, families, or other priorities that make it difficult to put the time into this game that it often requires. The server is running with increases to XP, Tame Speed, Maturation Speed, extra stats for players and tames, but also at a higher difficulty so as to continue to provide a challenge. At the lowest price, Nitrado only allows for 10 players on the server with the monthly rent cost increasing for every 10 players added to the server. Then the monthly costs continue to increase exponentially if we add other maps to the cluster. We want to provide a way for busy people to enjoy everything the game has to offer, but can only manage so much on our own. With your donations, we'll be able to expand the Reliquia cluster into a thriving community.
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With 10 players, we can begin to expand the server's capabilities.
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