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About Seth Conrad Rich

For those who may be new to this case, please watch the OANN report below to brief yourself on the facts as we know them. Journalists like George Webb, Liz Crokin, and thousands across this nation have paid close attention to the mysterious death of Seth Conrad Rich. He was gunned down in what we can surmise was NOT a botched robbery, but something much more sinister. Our representatives (Newt Gingrich, Blake Farenthold) have hinted at the possibility of a coverup, but it is clear that larger forces at be are preventing Seth's true story from being told. 

This Patreon account will help fund my travel to and from Washington DC, in order to personally question high-ranking members of the DNC. They need to be confronted face-to-face and realize that America is waking up to their lies. I plan to travel on a low budget--so any excess funds that are raised will go towards future endeavors in learning about Seth's murder. I anticipate great legal challenges to getting all of the DNC's dirty laundry out in the open, and would not be surprised if some of our fellow patriots are falsely accused of crimes in the process of investigating this case. Furthermore, as us journalists continue to put ourselves out in the open, we will increasingly come under attack from far-left organizations, such as Media Matters for America. We cannot sit idly by while these organizations, with multi-million dollar budgets, force their Russian collusion narrative down the throats of the American people.

Thank you for your support.
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If 100 patriots support my efforts I will travel to Washington DC and CONFRONT Special Counsel Mueller about the Seth Rich murder, and implore him that it is included in his investigation into Russian collision with the Trump campaign. I won't stop there though---the highest donor will get to request any other DNC swamp creature for me to question about Seth's murder (John Podesta, Donna's choice!), and will be sure to capture a video of their response!! 
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