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The Tier of Entrance is the one where I upload videos a day early, the benefits of which are you get access to ad-free videos a day early with shout-outs at the end in the credits.
Ongoing Fursuit Project
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For this tier, I'm giving behind the scenes footage of creating fursuits, from concept to ref sheet and duct tape dummy creation to final product.  Supporters get to watch two days early and receive shout outs in the end credits.
The Tier of Tears
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Wanna experience the hottest of hot sauces without actually trying them out?  Watch me!  I'll find the hottest sauces no money can buy, and try them out on food on a weekly basis.  Patrons get early access to the show.




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I'm just this guy, you know.  This guy who just so happens to be a furry.  A furry named Seven Fox. Seven, who believes in the furry fandom.

Having joined in 2007, it's been quite a ride.  And with this channel, I'd like to contribute back to the furry fandom somehow.  Basically by taking more photos and creating video.

That about covers it.
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New Release Friday.

For this goal, I'll watch a new film release and make a review of it with a Friday release, two Fridays a month.

In addition to New Release Friday, I'll start Flashback Friday, where every Friday I discuss movies that are already out on video.  Some may be new releases to video, while others will go all the way back, as far back as I can find them in any medium.

Patrons receive a shoutout.
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