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So glad you made it here. Scroll down to see posts.

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If you like what we're doing and want to be part of it, then join the 'family' of animal defender friends, who will help change the World...

There's a heap of free stuff for visitors but... Patrons get to:
*DOWNLOAD: Music, T-Shirt Transfer Designs, Stories and more.  

SeymourVegans wants to SEE MORE VEGANS in the World.

Unlike a Facebook group, with it's rules, restrictions and algorithms which limit content and reach, here at SeymourVegans you will be part of an active community which WILL make a difference.

I want to attract vegans and animal rights people to this page so that they have access to my decades of work, dedicated to animals and Veganism. I spend up to a hundred hours per week and much of my own money on projects to help animals. On Facebook my efforts were often missed or buried and FB often restricted my posts, impairing my work for animal rights. However, so many people were uplifted by my words, artwork and music, that I decided to create this page.

Visitors will be able to:
*View articles and artwork by contributors and myself
*Leave comments, like on FB
*Learn more about Veganism

will have the advantages of Downloading music, written works, t-shirt transfer designs and more, at no further cost, and Submitting their own work for publication on this site (by 'Contact' email, via my own website) and Advertising their own product or service, at no further cost!
For as little as $1 per week you'll be helping to fund more life-changing works.

Patronage is nothing new. Historically, artists, composers and explorers had patrons who funded their endeavors. With Patreon you can contribute a tiny amount, monthly, to enable us to do things which you may not be able to do, yourself.

This Patreon site is for the purpose of giving you ammunition to fight our crusade against cruelty and for raising funds for the most important work on Earth. Many of you already contribute to charities which help animals, as I do. This is not a charity. Getting the message out to the World takes time and money. Your patronage will help cover those costs. You can afford $4 per month and possibly more, and you will see the results on this page when it's regularly up-dated. 
You can opt out at any time. There's no fixed commitment

Your own ideas, written works, recipes or artwork will also be considered for publication and you will also be able to ADVERTISE your own product or service. This will be a HUGE ADVANTAGE if this site becomes popular.

How can a tiny $1 per week help animals?

Every dollar helps and at present I use my own limited income to pay for running costs. If one thousand people became patrons I could afford to work full-time rescuing animals and set up an animal rescue sanctuary here in my home town or in yours.

I want to meet with corporate heads and government officials, to lobby for support of vegan alternatives - to bring the price down, thus attracting more non-vegans to eating vegan food instead. We could create (or, at least, fund) TV ads showing the violence to animals, caused by consumer choices. I've started a campaign to get every restaurant, café and fast food outlet, to have vegan choices. Your patronage will help that campaign.

I want to devote my whole life to instigating your wishes, whilst providing a safe haven for hundreds, even thousands of rescued animals, employing dozens of people to promote veganism around the World and truly helping to create a vegan paradise which will become the norm for future generations.

Of course, I still have my website, which has been described as 'stunning', and where you can read my philosophical blogs, sample my music, read synopses of short stories, etc. That's a separate enterprise, where people can also purchase my wares.

I've had these plans for years. If you explore my website you'll discover that. However, I've been limited in what I can afford to do. Relying on my own income wasn't enough. When I discovered how many people like you, have been excited and inspired by my writing and my ideas, I realised that you, my comrades, are our greatest resource. Knowing your money was going directly towards these sorts of goals, and that you'd see the results posted on this page, you'll be happy to contribute, I'm sure. Honestly, you wouldn't even miss $4 a month, or even $10 or perhaps  $20! Others can even afford $100! It will make a world of difference to what I can achieve. 

Become a patron and encourage your vegan friends to do the same.

Hit that 'Become a patron' button, now!

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With 1,000 patrons per month (or more), I can work with patrons who wish it, to really make a difference and help animals, everywhere. I will be able to visit them, wherever they live, and instigate some of the plans outlined in the 'About' section of this site. I would become a full-time crusader.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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