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About SgtSizzles

Just Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?

I'm a high school, collage dropout who makes videos for the lulz, mostly consisting of gaming, skits, reactions, music videos and more. My aim is to have fun by creating well-produced, informative, funny, and entertaining content.

And What Are You Going To Do with My Money?

Your support enables me to buy props, costumes, audio/video equipment, pay rent on time and do what I love. If one day this YouTube thing becomes a full time career, it will be thanks to you.

Okay, I’m Sold. But What’s in It for Me?

Depending on their reward level, patrons get updates about what I’m working on, access to patreon-only Discord ranks, recognition in my video credits and more then ever, you will be helping to achieve my dream.

How Often Should I Expect New Videos?

One video per two weeks. Sometimes the release dates don't line up perfectly so there's two videos out one month and none the next, but I stick to a schedule of 12 videos per year.
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