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About Shawn


   I went to VidCon last year for the second time.  I went on the creator track and saw a lot of inspiring panels.  However when I got in my car on the last day I felt like a fraud, because I had never created anything.  So there in my car I recorded and uploaded my first video.  I have been making a new video every week since then.  One of the panels I saw had Greg Miller of Kinda Funny explaining that the best day to set up a Patreon is today, basically as soon as you can.  The reasonoing is say you only get 1 person to donate $1 a month, that's still $1 more then you were making.  So here it is, my little Patreon.  I don't have much to offer at first.  I'm going to be going off of lump some goals for a little bit until i figure this all out.  I appreciate you looking at my page and I hope you at least get a slight smile out of my videos.

Thank you for your time!
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