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Nothing too special, just a basic tip jar for if you don't feel like pledging to the other goals. Every little helps ^^ This'll also get you access to my Discord group if ya wish to join :)

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Shade says thanks - your monthly support will go towards future projects of mine! Plus you'll be able to see some of my work before it gets uploaded to other sites, and you'll be able to join my Discord server!
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Pages of a comic sequence by Arania, funded by myself and several others, will be posted up to here BEFORE they're posted to Arania's website or our FA pages! By pledging to this tier, you'll be able to see them early!




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As many of you know, I've been writing transformation stories to share on the internet for the last 13 years. I've been doing it as a past time to keep myself entertained, and also to get some money from it which I can use to pursue some of my own interests (like arts for example).

However, in recent years it's been getting harder for me to get commissions in on a frequent basis due to travelling, stress and outside issues, and due to the over-reliance on commissions, I haven't been able to work on anything for myself - I'd love to be able to write something akin to a novel, or some short stories featuring my characters. Hence why I'm starting up a Patreon - this way I can get some extra money in without having to worry about getting commissions 24/7, and it'll allow me to do more personal work. I know my stories come out quite frequently, so that's why I'll be charging per month and not per story. Also I know per month it won't make using PayPal awkward.

Also, just to make this clear, I won't be making stuff 'Patreon Only' - all my stories will be posted on all art sites I currently use. I might post early previews to here, but rest assured you'll be able to see them all on FA, SoFurry and possibly FurryNetwork.
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Helps towards monthly subscriptions. The less I have to worry about with subs, the more I can focus on providing you with more awesome TF stuff :)
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