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  • You can vote in a patreon poll and decide what I draw for the next month!
    (You can suggest what to draw, before I reach a certain amount of pledges for voting! comment/DM/Discord)

Full res image:

  • You'll receive full res. image of the monthly patreon drawing/Illustration without a watermark!

Access to my Discord server 

  • You get access to Patreon only channel, stop by and say hi :)
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Icon sketch [First time only]:

  • First time I'll draw a custom icon for you, mostly anything you desire!


  • I'll share an exclusive sketch, which I'll work on! [This will be updated when and what I feel comfortable sharing. Can be multiple times a month!]
    -early access sketches!

+rewards in Gauntlet tier 

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Process screenshots[GIF]:

  • You'll get screenshots (in a GIF), of the process from the monthly drawing. I'll also explain, if I've experimented with something!

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Welcome to my patreon!


I am Shadow

I started drawing (doing art as a hobby) in early of 2016!
My goal and reason I've created this patreon is to become a part-time artist, to make higher quality content and also more consistent!

I mainly draw anime characters and illustrations

which I like or perhaps which I get commissioned to draw. However! I'm slowly transitioning towards full illustrations! Anime inspired me early on, perhaps a decade ago when I started watching it as a kid. By that time everything felt smooth and I just had a big spark in my eyes about those »drawings that move«, once time passed I started to enjoy beautiful and detailed artwork and that time I decided to become an artist!

Becoming my patreon

Now that you got to know a little bit of me and, if would like to support me or my artworks feel free to become my Patreon!
Patreon wise I will draw [share] a monthly drawing which is voted by my Patrons, step by step how I drew the artwork, perhaps some wips and later on tutorials!
If you'd can't become a patreon, but you would still like to support you can always share my website or my patreon!

Payment, Rewards and posts!

Payment for my Patreon page will be made on the 1st day of the month!
And Patreon based drawings (icons, tutorials, sketches, patreon drawing) will be posted on the 3rd day of the month!
Finally patreon raffle winners, which are in $3 tier and above, will be randomly chosen on the 15th of the month! In the participating tier only.
Addition to that, I'll be posting here and there drawings which are for the public :) 
- A heads up, if things do not work out in a month because of studies or work, I'll always post progression updates, if I'm late!

More artwork!

If you're intereted in more artwork, examples or perhaps commissions check out my website:
I am fairly new, so I'll get more artwork on my page and patreon over time!

I appreciate all the support you guys give me <3

Thank you!

[Some of my idols and inspirations]:

0% complete
I have simple but effective goals for my patreon/drawing (career), which would improve both my artistic style and the amount of work I output.

  • All money I recieve will go to improving my drawing setup! :D 
  • After some time and consistent support I'll start streaming, perhaps with addition of games ^_^
  • With more support I'll not need to overwork myself and use that time to draw, perhaps desired tutorials!

If you'd like to help me to reach a part-time drawing career, I'd appreciate a chip-in or sharing my patreon and drawings <3
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