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You're awesome! Thank you very much and as a Token of appreciation you gain access too my patreon exclusives like my patreon only series such as Real Vlogs Series + Others, exclusive previews/trailers for upcoming series, and upon completion(Done on the day) episodes released here before my YouTube channel.

More to come for higher tiers like free stuff give me a week to sort out everything.




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About ShadowDragon

Hi I'm Shawn Drieberg but I also go by Shadow(ShadowAnzelx, ShadowDragon or MasterShadow) I'm 23! I was formally an amateur Australian filmmaker and decided to switch from Movies and Television to YouTube and Content Creation!

Being a bit of a perfectionist I'm always looking to make quality content at a Television level and I want to bring my experience to YouTube by challenging existing genres on YouTube and putting little twists on them such as mixing genres or adding techniques from my Film and Television years.

My Dream was to either be a low-key Filmmaker or own my own Television Station and I want to try and recreate that with ShadowDragonTV. I try to Recreate/reimagine current YouTube genres such as Lets plays, Vlogs, Machinima and others to try and give them a television/cinematic feel but also want to keep it in the spirit of YouTube with dank memes,me as a personality and collaborations.

Why Support SDTV?

I'm not going to lie I am a One-Man army and I do have the majority of gear I need to create practically anything! The only issue is that it's all at a mid range budget and being the perfectionist that I am ideas in my mind don't come out good 100% of the time and it would be great to have those ideas come to life as I imagined! Also supporting me helps out the current situation I am in at the moment I cannot do this forever I'm on a trial basis of 3 months to get somewhere but don't let this pressure you! it would mean after 3 months my uploads will be very inconsistent. Right now I don't have the rewards finalized but they will be done next week as this Patreon is going live on! 13/06/2018.

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