is creating Fanart, Original characters artwork, Concept art and Chibi art
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I can't express my appreciation for you joining my squad! short, loving hugs for everyone! With this tier you'll get access to my patron only feed and monthly gifts of traditional Chibi sketches for all my pledgers of their character or their favourite character from a series~

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Long hugs
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Long, loving huggles for everyone! With this tier you will get the previous rewards, as well as one black and white digitally drawn chibi per every two months.

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I just want to cuddle everyone! With this tier you will get all the previous rewards, plus access to polls on what/who I should draw next! And free gifts of detailed digitally done Chibi's of your character or your favourite character from a series every three months

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About Shadowaduro

Hey everyone! I'm Shadow! Just a random young lady who loves doing art, I mainly draw my own characters or fanart of my favourite characters from my favourite series. At the moment I draw mainly females or genderbent males but I'm practicing drawing males so soon enough I'll start drawing more male characters! Everything that I earn goes to helping my family out when needed and getting more supplies to create more art! I hope you enjoy what I create and have a very nice day~

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