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For only the price of a  cup of coffee a month, you can support me and not feel bad about using Adblock when you watch my youtube content lol. Plus.. I'll just be really thankful.

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 As a Bronze supporter you get.. Early Ad-Free Access to my youtube  videos before they go live to the general public (When I get them out  early enough) and you get access to a special videos only available to  Bronze and Above supporters and of course your name in the Bronze Supporters list at the  end of my Youtube videos. Not to mention... you also get a Heartfelt  thank you from me.  

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 As a Silver supporter... WOW! Thank you... You get everything from the  Bronze Tier, as well your name in the Silver tier list for supporters in  my youtube video credits.  There might be more to come later on. I'm  still new at this and thinking of rewards. 




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About ShadoWxPheniX

Welcome to my Patreon page. 

I'm Chris, AKA SHADOWxPHENIX. I'm a 42yo gamer, movie-lover, artist, theme park enthusiast and certified Geek. I'm from Kentucky and I've been playing video games since the Atari days and have owned almost every game system since. I created my Twitch and Youtube channels just for random stuff I'm interested in and post videos that I randomly create. My favorite games are RCT3, Planet Coaster, and anything Tomb Raiderish, (Uncharted, Prince of Persia, etc) but I love a lot of different kinds of games so I create lots of different content. 

I'm currently Making youtube content Full time now. Youtube and Twitch are my only sources of income, and let me tell you. It's not easy.  I'm still a smaller creator and ad money from youtube is only like a $1 a day. I do have my affiliate accounts though from Amazon, Humble Bundle, and GreenmanGaming. So if you aren't intersted in becoming a Patron but still want to help out. Every thing you buy from my Affiliate links definitely help out as well. 

Basically.. I work on bringing you guys content on youtube from the time I wake up each and every day til I sleep. I don't spend all day sitting around playing video games. Its a lot of hard work and effort put in to making the videos. and it's time consuming with the editing and rendering. I might play a game for an hour and then spend 3 to 4 hrs making the video.

Not having any other source of income is hard. I still have bills, Rent, and food to buy and pay for each month. This is where you guys can help out. In exchange I hope I am bringing you entertainment you enjoy, and want to support, as well as a few extra rewards as thank yous.

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