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About Shadra Avro Art

About Me

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I am Shadra, a 26 year old nonbinary (he/they) traditional artist living on the east coast of the US. I focus primarily in anthro work but I also produce artwork of humans from time to time. I typically work in Copic marker and watercolor. I am working hard to expand my artistic horizons and want to transition into having freelance art be my full time job. I typically focus on fantasy themes, especially costuming/armor and magic.

Where to Find Me
Twitter/Telegram: @ShadraAvroArt
Facebook: ShadraAvroArt
FA/Weasyl: ShadraAvro
Email: [email protected]

But why Patreon?
Patreon is my motivator. Finding time to draw and show off those drawings- bad anatomy, sketch lines, and all- will be a wonderful motivator to draw frequently and improve. I can also use the support to explore my art skills further. The more support I can garner, the less I have to focus on outside income sources and the more time I can devote to just art. (Particularly personal artwork featuring my own characters instead of just commissions.) Patreon will also provide the ability to purchase new supplies and experiment with them.

Will your content be paywalled?
I do not intend to put my content behind a paywall. My FA will continue to be an active place where you can find my artwork. Patrons will just receive extra goodies for their support, see work in progress scans, and have access to the Pokemon Painting A Day Project which will be exclusively posted to Patreon. Patrons will also have the ability to purchase original works posted.

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