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Patreon Backer Role for Discord
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This'll give you the Patreon Backer role on the Shammy fan Discord server, which'll give you access to some VIP text chat shit and access to VIP voice channels. It's nothing fancy but that's kinda the idea.

NOTE: This does not give you immunity to the server rules, if you break them repeatedly you will still be banned.

Includes Discord rewards
Big Guy
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At this tier you're officially a big guy, so congrats on your size br0. Anyways, this tier gives you access to the Patreon Backer role as well as access to my scripts, notes, and anything else that I create while making my videos.
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About Shammy

Given my infrequent upload schedule, it's extremely difficult for me to make a reasonable living working on YouTube, despite the fact that I put 40+ hours of work into it most weeks. So, I've turned to Patreon in the hopes of maybe turning YouTube from a money bonfire into something I could potentially do full-time as a career. Support or don't, it's your call. I in no way expect anyone to donate to this, but I figured it would be worth a shot regardless.

If you're a student or otherwise strapped for cash, don't feel at all obligated to donate. Seriously, just watching my shit, tuning into streams, whatever it is you do that got you here is more than enough for me, as much as I'd love your support I don't want it to put a strain on you financially.

EDIT: Seems the Patreon bot for Discord is kind of fucky, might take a while for you to get your role. Sorry :/
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At this point I will reasonably be able to cover my base expenses for putting food in my body and a roof over my head and can focus on expansion over just making rent, this is a long way off but I figure that's what goals are for anyways.
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