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Hi - I’m Buffy, but you can call me SharkB8Chick! 🦈

I am an inspiration seeker, artist, poet, writer, traveler, foodie and military brat and wife.  I have been fortunate to see much of the world in my lifetime, experiencing a vast array of cultures, beliefs, historic sites and food - and isn’t that sometimes the best part!?  🥂

I have never really been into or understood astrology, however I discovered recently that I was born during a moon in Cancer - being the eager knowledge seeker I did research. The moon’s lunation does appear to have some influence on us! I found the moon in Cancer explains my love of the water, scuba diving and all things related to the acquatic ecosystem...this does include a passion and advocacy for sharks - I know - I know - but this is a more popular ‘love’ these days thanks to Discovery’s Shark Week and Jacques Cousteau!!!  (Did I just date myself!?) Also, I gained insights regarding my need to be nurturing, love of recipes, preparing food and giving. If you haven’t explored your own moon relationship I highly recommend the endeavor, it can be, sorry to say this but...illuminating! 🌕

I first found myself in an introspective and contemplative frame of mind when I was 15, living in Turkey (my parents were stationed at Incirlik AB).  I felt as though I was having some sort of ‘early-life crisis.’  I wrote my first poems during this time.  It was so rewarding to get all the thoughts out, my musings, observations, emotions, wonderment and worries.  Now, many, many years later, I find myself in very similar straits, truly at ‘mid-life’ now, thinking those same thoughts of my 15 year old self...

I began painting in my 30’s, no formal training, just a hobby. My first public show was in 2016 at the Coffee and Art Festival in Brandon Florida. As for jewelry, I designed my first ring at 14, also in Turkey, at a gold shop called Sedat’s in the Incirlik “Alley.” I have worn it every day since Sedat finished the simple and delicately beautiful ring for me, he worked wonders in my opinion, working the piece into art from my horrendous sketches (I cannot really draw at all).

In observing and taking stock in all things, both emotional and relational to life, beauty, history, health, living, dying, our worth, philosophy, spiritualism and what it means to be who we are - - I find myself continuing to seek out those things which possibly will continue to elude most of us - 

Why are we here? Does my life mean anything? Have I left a mark? If I am gone, will it matter to anyone? How can I feel content and achieve inner peace? How can I be relevant? Do I have a purpose?

With these timeless introspective inquiries in mind, I feel I have been in search of a way to make a positive impact on a personal level, contribute to the thing we call life in a way that would be beneficial from a humanistic, artistic, and inspirational standpoint.  I need to get all these creative ideas OUT THERE - some days there is is just not enough time to work my day job and meet my base need to create...a woman has to sleep too - right!?  So many evenings I find myself frustrated and sleepless because I have not exercised through a creative outlet, purging all of the abstract shapes, general thoughts, colors, ideas and poetic phrases that have whirled around my mind all day.  I feel handicapped with anxiety and overwhelmed when I cannot adequately channel these creative energies.  It can be very frustrating to say the least and at its best I know I put in a full days ‘work’ to help keep a roof over our heads...hurray me! :-(

Over the years I have have taken advantage of furthering my formal education and had wonderful opportunities to take on roles in leadership.  I have found satisfying fulfillment in mentoring others, helping them to achieve professional success and improving their knowledge, skills and abilities. This has been a rewarding aspect of my life because my husband and I never had children.  It seems it was just not meant to be for us - first life happens, timing isn’t right, and then you realize you may not be ‘built for child rearing’ but then something else comes up and then time goes by so quickly ... by the time you stop and think - you realize the time has passed you by and the opportunity is gone.  I think we are both saddened to have no children, no legacy, so to busy trying to build a life we didn’t always have time live it; like most of the human race the reality is there are bills to pay, things to do and time stops for no one.  So at the end of the day, what and who did we do all of ‘this’ for?  We both love to share and help others, teach, support and guide wherever we can be of ‘use’ - nurturing other’s dreams and hopefully inspiring them in a positive way so they can achieve their own success.

I have found my paintings, poetry, stories and jewelry have been the best opportunity and outlet to pursue my creative dreams, as well as my deep seated need to ‘do something,’ as I mentioned earlier.  I have sold a few of my paintings and jewelry items, but I have given more away to bring joy to others, and in the same fashion shared my poetry and stories through social media and blogs.  I have enjoyed a wonderful journey with my biggest cheerleader and supporter, my husband, as well as our Shorkie and 2 cats.  My hope is to continue to create beauty, thought provoking ideas and inspiration - in words, in art - sharing my point of view on beauty, living, health and love with creative expressions to help others balance their body, minds and spirits.

I hope you will join me by supporting my creative journey and together we can leave a mark on a page in history that will inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams, live life to its fullest and explore all the beauty, life and experiences our world has to offer!!!

We look forward to you joining our tribe on this journey and I look forward to sharing my positive creative energies and art with you!

Yours very sincerely,
🕉 Namaste!

Buffy - SharkB8Chick 🦈

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