is creating and Hosting a Discord Bot
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At this tier I'll be adding your name into the -supporters command of my bot to display people who support the bot quite a large amount!
If you wish to remain anonymous do tell me!
Customiized Character card
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At 25 dollars ill spend the time to make a special command just for you that displays information you want to be displayed about your character, this can be general info and contain images as well as links to images for anything bigger.


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About Sharkmare

I both run my own Server for my bot as well as code additional modules for it and maintain it.
This creates both costs as well as work. This patreon is basically to help pay for the Power the server drains as well as my work coding on it.
$41 of $50 per month
At this point half of the costs generated by the server are able to be lifted off of me
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