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About SharkyHatGamer

Who is SharkyHatGamer?
SharkyHatGamer is a Let's Player of various games; either alone on Sharky Plays, with other small Youtubers in Sharky + Friends, or with real-life friends on the duo series, BroOp Gameplay. He is a college graduate with a 10-4 job on the daily, and would like to make his dream of creating content for a living a reality if he is given the opportunity.

What does he do?
Sharky does what a lot of people do: Let's Plays. He mainly focused on horror games when he began creating videos in the spring of 2013, and has since moved into other genres and expanded his selection. He films and edits his videos in his free time, and promotes his channel through Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook himself.

Since the channel's official beginning as a Let's Play channel in April of 2013, Sharky has completed 42 games alone, with friends, and on BroOp Gameplay, and has uploaded 980+ videos in total.

(Information accurate as of  August 6, 2017)

What is this Patreon designed for?
Sharky doesn't make a lot of disposable income to spend on his channel. With the ever-present threat of equipment failure or the dreaded game library exhaustion (aka he's run out of freakin' things to play for series), keeping up with the Youtube dream is a financial struggle. This Patreon was set-up as a 100% Channel-focused source of income for replacing/upgrading equipment in the event it's needed, and purchasing new games to entertain you, the viewers, with. I set aside some of the money I make each month in case I have to replace or upgrade a piece of my equipment.

Nothing earned by this Patreon will ever enter his pocket for personal use (bills, fast food, etc.), with the exception of the incredibly unlikely Epic Level Rewards. (See Milestones.)

What do we, the viewers, get in return?
I had many, many ideas for rewards here once before, but we have to switch it up a bit. Right now, this Patreon is my 'Survival Fund'. I need to pay for the Adobe Creative Cloud, but I don't have that kind of money lying around each month outside of the required things (gas, food, etc.).

Once we make more than $50/month, I will remake the rewards and all that to reward you for supporting me. REWARDS ARE BEING REMADE AND ARE IN A PROTOTYPE STATE.

Milestones and Donation rewards are listed on this page in their respective areas.
$0 of $50 per month
At $50/month:
  • I can pay for the Creative Cloud and continue running my channel. Simple as that.
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