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About Sharon Knight

Hey there friends! Thanks for visiting my Patreon page! 

If we are just meeting, I create myth-infused, Celtic-inspired music, which I call Neofolk Romantique. Together with my partner and conspirator, Winter, we tour several months out of the year, and seek to create a feeling of enchantment for our listeners.  

For the past few years this Patreon has helped ensure that we carve out time each month to actually create, instead of getting bogged down in all the business details involved in keeping an independent music career afloat. So thank you for that!

Now we are taking time off the road, and dedicating this Patreon to a new venture - an album and art book based on the myths of the sea! With your support, we will have the time to really dig into this, researching different legends, fine tuning the music and art until it brings spine-tingling chills, and then releasing it to the world, dedicating 20% of the proceeds to an organization committed to restoring our oceans. (Haven't chosen one yet). 

We will post once or twice monthly on the progress, and you'll get each iteration of the art and songs. We'll also make video as we can. 

Now you are not only helping us continue to put beauty into the world, you are helping to restore the health of our oceans! So hooray for that!

BONUS: You get credit on all completed projects, based on lifetime patronage at the time of completion. You'll be listed by name under these categories: 
Patron: ($250 lifetime patronage)

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Make art! Revere beauty! Save the world! (Or at least help it out a little).  :+)

If you are new to Winter's and my music, you can learn more here:
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At this level we can focus more regularly on original songs rather than simple chants or covers. We'll begin compiling the best ones for our next studio recording, which patrons get first, and for free. 
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