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my name is Shen and I am a relatively new youtuber, well, a few months in the making. But I can vaguely claim that I do know what I am doing.

I come from Germany and I have been in a serious health condition for the past 3 years. That particular condition sadly forced me to cancel my apprenticeship on even terms. There was nothing for me to do no longer and as the months passed and agony wrecked through my body, I longed for happiness. This is where Youtube comes in to play. I watched people create channels, have fun playing games online and showing their videos to the world while having fun at it. And I thought to myself: "That is nearly just like when I and my cousin made a cushion fortress and were up all night playing Zelda together" Shen is talking to himself, creeepy...

Anyway, Patreon is a "kickstarter" page of sorts where YOU decide how you would like to help me out. It is literally all up to you. My content is free, I try to make videos every day, I discover games and I talk to game developers on a daily basis if I can. I even am such a "nolifer" that I have voted on more than 800 Greenlight projects on Steam's greenlight page.

So.. What are your Videos about, Shen? Thanks for asking, Shen *selffive* - My videos are all things gaming. I specifically pick out games that catch my attention and often make a "First Impression" where I explain how I feel about the game, if it has good design choices or not and if it impresses me. This can sometimes be looked at as a "review" but it really is not. I am just this one dude with an opinion, really.

Let's plays are something I do as well of games that I like or of games that I am sceptical about. For example my First Impression of one of my "Let's played" games was good, but in the end it didnt turn out to be such a great game. If you have watched me play the game, well, now you know and you dont need to waste your hard earned money.

But the most important thing to me is to have fun and to make you guys smile and have you alongside me while I am playing, really. I may cry, I may shout, but I will always be that one unbiased Let's player you can rely on if you are wondering about a game.

Now.. What else can I write that is actually meaningful and does not waste your time? Oh right, I have one last piece of information. I cannot or rather, do not wish, to use a camera yet while I am let's playing. So if that is a downside for you, I completely understand that. But I am going to work on getting it set up eventually.

This is plenty information and I will not blabber on any further. See you on the tube!
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This really is your goal all in all. I will set up a possibility to show my videos early to my Patrons! About 1-2 days earlier than they will appear on Youtube!
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