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is creating !!! I am a fantasy and children's book illustrator, a story tel
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About Sherrie Spencer

Thanks so much for looking at my Patreon page. My name is Sherrie Spencer, and  I am a fantasy and children's book illustrator, a story teller, and art teacher.

I have been producing artwork nearly my entire life. Transforming thoughts and images into tangible creations has been a passion for me since the beginning, and it was borne of necessity.
At the age of five, I suffered a major stroke. With the entire right side of my body disabled and my right arm completely paralyzed, my life had changed dramatically in an instant.
Since my speech was severely impaired, I began to draw in an effort to communicate my thoughts and needs to those around me. My first artistic effort was a drawing of a horse (what little girl's life would be complete without one?).
Because my Mother could not at first identify what I was trying to draw, I knew I had to sharpen my skills in an effort to perfect my craft. The level of detail and the lifelike imagery evident in my work is testimony to this goal having been accomplished.
With intensive therapy and the passage of time, I regained my mobility in part and my speech entirely. At that point, however, I had already developed an insatiable passion for art. I began drawing in earnest, and took advantage of inspiration whenever it presented itself.
This outward expression of inward feelings served as something of a coping device when I was an adolescent, attempting to cope with all that comes at that point in life.
Exposure to the world of art and artists themselves inspired me to embark on a career of my own. I discovered immediately that it suited me perfectly; my deep devotion to creating and my strong ambition have proven to be indispensable assets. Even now, doing what I love for a living is proving to be more than its own reward.
In the time since finding her calling, I have displayed my works all over the country at Comic Book Conventions, SCA events, Renaissance festivals, brick and mortar Galleries, Fine Art Shows and world wide on the internet. My art has been published several times in small press books over the years, including The Little House of Music (a children's book), 26 Tears, the Dawn 2006 Convention Sketchbook which features similar art, as well as my own self published art books Dreams and Desires vol. 1-4, and Fantastical Enchantments, my very first coloring book of fairy art.
I continue to work on her own graphic novel, to be completed sometime in the next year. I also have begun producing functional art products (some are featured here, and on my website) in which I utilize a laser machine to help me make wooden and leather hand made products.
Although I feels there's much more yet to learn, and that I have far to go, I am intent on enjoying the journey.

Why become a patron of the arts, you ask?

So you can share in this journey of inward thoughts becoming outward expressions, and see through an artists eyes the wonders that await you.!
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With an extra $250 I would be able to fix the few little things that need to be fixed on my van so that I could do more far away art shows and conventions. Also buy more art supplies and do more youtube tutorials.
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