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    My name is, Shi Okami!

    🌸  🌸
    I'm a fursuiter that loves making people laugh and smile by creating silly YouTube video's!
    I hope to engage in big plans for my channel and make it truly unique and one of a kind!
    I also like art, photography, and filmmaking!
    ⭐️Don't like paying monthly?⭐️
    THAT'S OK! Please feel free to use my streamlabs link for a "one and done" payment!
    With Streamlabs, you can set your own personal donation price! Isn't that awesome?!
    If you donate through streamlabs, you only get access to the regular Discord channels and your name in the DESCRIPTION of my videos.
    In addition to this, you don't HAVE to send me anything! I understand people work hard for their money and like to use it for their needs and priorities!
    I love all of you equally! So please don't go crazy and send a ton of'll give me a heart attack ;-;

    ⭐️Why don't you use PayPal?⭐️
    Sorry, but I prefer to keep my PayPal between commissioners only.

    ⭐️Why do you only have a $1 Pledge?⭐️
    Honestly, I'm ok with $1 for right now!
    More pledges may come later, but I would like to get the ball rolling before diving too deep.

    ⭐️If YouTube is a hobby, why do you need a Patreon?⭐️
    To be fair, I don't "need" a Patreon. I do have a real job and the money from that job goes to paying bills, eating, and putting clothes on my back. The money I would be earning from Patreon would be exclusively going to production value for my videos, which includes; lights, cameras, computer software, backdrops, scenes, and everything else that goes into creating content.
    So to answer your question, yes, YouTube is a hobby, but hobbies are also expensive.

    ⭐️How can you get merch?⭐️
    My merchandise is available for individual sale at
    Teepublic and Teespring

    ⭐️Who's making the art? Where is it coming from?⭐️
    I draw all of my own art! Including the art for my merch!
    If you want to see more, please feel free to check out my DeviantArt or Trello

    Enjoy this silly video~!

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