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About ShibaRoll

Welcome! Hello, I'm Shibaroll!

I'm an Artist and Animator, who draws multicolored equines, and other cute,and odd creatures! I'm hoping to become a college student at an decent art school.I enjoy nature,making speedpaints,video games,shiba inus, and cartoons! 

This Pateron is a Tip Jar! and sketch dump!

Through primarily my highschool Career I've won both National and International Awards, Along with it I was able to also have my work displayed at local events/festivals.
  • 2 Gold Keys in Digital Art and Illustration Scholastics Art&Writing Competition (2018) 
  • 2nd place 12 grade in NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) Poster Contest (2018)
  • Enterplay's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic  Fan-tastic Card Creation Contest (Series 4 #61 "Little Bundle of Joy") (You can buy this card! and find it in stores!)

I also create art for conventions! 
My list includes...

  • Bronycon 2019
  • Everfree NW 2019
  • Babscon 2020
  • UKponycon 
  • MLP-MSP 2019
  • More pending...

Why Pateron?
After highschool which was'nt too long ago, I moved out of a really bad situation. Its been difficult being able to get a job.And doing art is something I've always wanted to do full time,espeically creating animations!
I really want to start to travel around and sell my art at conventions!

Thank you so much for reading, I really do hope you could support me in art,or whatever your heart desires!

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-monthly request stream (Non OC ) for new pieces and monthly images
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