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Hello, I am Shiliew, a freelance illustrator and an aspiring comic artist who lives in Indonesia. To see what I generally make, you can see these artworks that I have made.

You can find more of these in DeviantArt | PixivArtstation

I am making generally original fantasy themed art based on my original story and I want to make neat things such as manga or the webtoon of it.

Why Patreon?

Drawing a manga or webtoon takes time, plus it's not a commission so I earn nothing from drawing them. Moreover, I am pretty stubborn and idealistic when it comes artwork with story, therefore it won't be that favorable to most official publishers. With these obstacles, I have very little income that I can use to ensure I can live from drawing stories. If you are ever interested in my work or become interested later after reading my story, you can offer your support to me so that I can focus on manga or webtoon more intensely. Currently what sustain me now is only people who support me through commissions or by encouraging me. Sadly, I can't fight with empty stomach. Therefore, your support will benefit me greatly in achieving this dream of mine.

If you prefer alternatives, you can try Ko-Fi and buy me some coffee to keep me sober Xd (Just remember to tell me so I can express my gratitude)

What Kind of Stories?

What I want to write is mainly Shounen fantasy like genre that focuses either in drama and romance. The artworks above you have just seen are all characters from my original stories. I have three stories in mind but let's avoid me being too ambitious and be realistic by sticking into making one properly first, the first one will be Sacred Vows. (Psst, Angel heroine xD)

What You Will Get? 

Considering that I am making comics or webtoon, there is not much that I can offer since I want to retain ownership of original storywork file. It will be more of a reason to do so if I am by any chance got accepted by officials in which they also hold the right of viewing despite they don't hold intellectual property of it. Thus, what I can offer are as followings: 
  • Exclusive Patreon Feed.
  • Exclusive PSD which contain only lineart of a memorable panel in the manga for you to color. (3 per month)
  • Access to Discord Server (On construction)
  • Consistently working 3 eps per month. (3rd Goal Achievement)
Sometimes, there are unexpected rewards such as:
  • Sketches related to one of the three original stories.
  • Exclusive Artwork related to one of the three original stories. (Hi res file, PSD file)
  • Step by step of Exclusive Artwork. (Only for 10$ tier and above)
  • Time lapse video of an exclusive artwork. (Only for 25$ tier and above)
  • Unpublished Contents such as practices, studies, etc
  • Hi-res of other people's artwork correction and explanation of fundamentals.
  • PSD that cointains basic assets that I use in either exclusive artwork or manga/webtoon.

How to Open the Treasure Box?

After successfully pledging, you will be charged in the next month to get the rewards from the previous month. 
Example: If you have pledged in 9th May, you will be charge on first week of June to get obtain the rewards from May on 7th June.

You can find my artworks in all these links.
DeviantArt | Twitter | PixivArtstationKo-Fi

Thank you very much for dropping by.
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