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digital clean sketch
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I'll do a clean sketch of one character of your choice! (digital art) (the price can varied (full body or not, chibi or realist, if the character is complex, if you want to add an other character it's 5$ extra)
full coloured head icon
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I'll draw a head icon (character of you choice), with complete details (shadows, lights, hair textures, simple background) (the price can varied; complexity of the character, chibi or realist)
basic colour/clean lineart drawing
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I'm drawing the character of your choice.It's a clean outlines/lineart drawing, with basic colours (no shadows or light effect). (the price varied; full body or not, chibi or realist, complex character, and if you want to add an other character it's approximatly 5$ extra)




per creation

About Shimo_Spooky_Apple

Drawing is my passion! I often forgot to eat when I'm eating XD

I am also working on a cartoon show. But before starting it for real I need to complete my 3 years studies in 2D animation! (all I can say about the show is: I'll talk a lot about Lgbt stuff, my main character is gay sooo...) (if you wanna see pictures of my project so far, go on twitter and check out the ashtag #thewoodhousefam )

So if you want to help me out in this Project, feel free to donate, just even a dollar, to my patreon. Or even better, contact me, I'm open for commissions! :3

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