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Hello and Welcome to Drinking in Dungeons, I am your FANtabulous host Shin Kerron!

I am a Twitch Streamer producing a show I call Drinking in Dungeons, or DinD for short. The concept is a simple one, I play video games while making up drinking games for those video games, and crack jokes along the way. It's all about capturing that feeling of hanging out with friends and finding silly things to laugh at together.

I came to Patreon because I wish to produce an even better quality of show for my viewers, and in turn make my passion for making people laugh and smile into something more than a hobby.

You can Find Drinking in Dungeons Here~
Or The Archive Here~

Note, on Drinking in Dungeons I do not encourage underage drinking. I myself often play with water or soda as I am a lightweight and know my limits. If you choose to play along with alcohol please do so responsibly.
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If I get to the $100 per month goal, I will add a new reward tier where any patron who pledges to that tier can choose any video game, and I will have a set day each month specifically to play that game via livestream. (Please note, the game must not violate Twitch's terms of service, there will be a limited number of availability for this tier due to scheduling.)
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