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About Ashley Shinavar

My Site // Ko-Fi

I can't thank you enough for supporting me in my adventure to pursuing my life’s dream!

I have had a passion for world building and storytelling as long as I can remember. I remember my middle school years where I wrote long epics of me and my friends going through adventures. It has been a long journey in a chaotically messy life but my passion has kept me sane.

These days I’m in a supportive household that allows me to pursue my passion full time, allowing me to expand my worlds and produce content for everyone. Patreon is a tip jar that filters straight into helping me on my creative journey.

I have been online for going on two decades working on my world-building and working as a freelancer for a decade. I want to put that work aside and put all my heart and energy into the stories that bring me joy and to share them with those who may enjoy them as well. I am currently readjusting my life so my work is mostly offline, where only supporters will get to see anything behind the scenes.

My Projects:

A comic of a magical school girl caught by her father!
Main Site: Click Here
Mirrors: Tapastic

Tori has been a magical girl for years now, fighting to uphold her mother's legacy from the monsters breaking through into their dimension. She has had everything pretty much planned out for her life. That is until her father, Terry, got involved. Join the Fellis family as they try to work this whole ‘magical girl’ thing out, while struggling their own lives and working on the mystery of these horrific monsters that seem to have been plaguing the city for decades!

If you’d like to learn more about how the comic came to be, click here!

A multi-light novel series, based in the high fantasy world of Iotera!
~-Previously known as Entanglement~~
Main Site:
Coming Soon!
Old Comic Links: SmackJeeves // The Duck // Comic Fury// Tapastic

Iotera is a High Fantasy light novel series, covering the universe that the Megus deities have created and the people who live within it. Each of the 8 books are a stand-alones with overarching themes and ties. Tales of Iotera is a spin-off series of multiple short stories that flesh out the world further, step back into characters who don’t otherwise get much spotlight in the 8 core books, and other enjoyable things!

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